Window Locks

types of Window Locks

A very grave concern for home owners nowadays is ensuring safety of the house with the help of effective window locks and other security systems. Because of their rising popularity, more and more designs, styles and patterns have emerged catering to different price lines. Since you get so many options to choose from, determining the finest window lock can be difficult. Given below are some examples.
Sashes with keys These are to be used in double hung windows. They are put on one side of a window, can be opened by a key only and are the most typical type used by people. They are the cheapest too.
Sliding locks This type of lock is very simple to assemble but can be removed simply too. Even if the window isn’t fastened all the way, it can still be latched.
Window Locks It can be attached to a side of the window and gets locked when linked with the other side. It is extremely easy to operate, remains in good conditions for long duration and is effectively safe.
Lock that gets folded This type has a lot of similarities with wedges with hinges. It lets you open the window while keeping it locked in unison. However, it can be a little risky as it requires one to push it back into place afore opening the window fully.The door of your house and its frame must also be sturdy for utmost Door security.
Mouldy wood, ineffective locks or hollow-core doors are what thieves and burglars love the most. So, take care to employ only the best security system and lock replacement to keep them at bay.
The bolt of your door should extend no less than an inch into the frame and it should also have screws at best 3 inches long in order to reach the beam located behind the door frame. Besides that, various bars or metal plates can also serve to be very helpful in maintaining security. They are simple to install and you will without doubt get a good night’s sleep knowing your main entrance is impenetrable for robbers and burglars.