Vital Tips on How to Prolong the Life of a Door Lock

Locks have been used to secure houses and business establishments for years. Unlike most other mechanical objects, they are hugely neglected, sometimes until they completely fail. The lock’s tear and wear might take a few months to several years before they completely breakdown.

However if proper care is taken by duly carrying out necessary maintenance and repairs, the tear and wear would be drastically eliminated. Here are saving tips- how to keep the lock over time and easy. Most of these maintenance tips can be done by a homeowner, but a professional locksmiths services can be sought in case of complex maintenance and repair activities LubricationIn the past, old locks needed no lubrication since there wasn’t locks lubricant.

Nowadays most locks life’s span can be extended by cleaning them and applying light locks lubricant. This prevents them from corrosion and rust thus prolongs their lives.
Periodic Inspection and cleaning When locks are periodically lubricated by greasing or oiling, it’s most likely that this grease and oil will become gummy because of foreign bodies including dirt. If not cleaned, these can easily damage the locks. The Modest smearing of white grease can be done on spring latch bolt as well as their striking plates to remove dirt and sticky grease.

It’s worthy to carry out periodic lock inspections to check the condition of the locks. Kindly also, note that not all door parts of the lock need lubrication. A good example is modern lever lock that’s made of brass and doesn’t need lubrication.

Securing the door with hooksDoors that are left open need to be secured with hooks to prevent them from slamming. Slamming the door hard can easily damage the lock.
Call an expert locksmith Just in case, there is any aspect of repair that you aren’t conversant with, seek a professional locksmith’s service. Locks are vital parts of a home whose maintenance and repair shouldn’t be gambled with by hiring any roadside technician.