Smart Locks

The home security system has become more efficient since the introduction of smart locks. Technology in this century has improved a lot of things, including security measures. The smart lock does more than locking and unlocking your door without a key; it also allows you to monitor activities around your home even while you are not around. It enables you to provide limited access digital keys to your family members and visitors and also remotely locks your home while you are away.

One of the perks enjoyed from using smart lock is its ability to peer with other modern technology in your home, like Nest, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit. Smart lock makes things a lot convenient for homeowners; it can lock and unlock your front door when you are close, it also allow homeowners provide visitors with temporary keys while owners retain control over their home.

There are various types of smart locks available in the market; your choice depends on what security measure you need for your home, the features you want on your smart lock and the location for installing the smart lock. Contact Cary Locksmith Lion for advice on what smart lock type would best suit your purpose.

Best Smart Lock For 2019

Yale Real Living

Because of its quality and unique style, Yale Real Living is one of the best front door locks. The lock has both a key lock and a key free mood – this ensures owners always have a second alternative to get into their home. The lock uses Z-Wave as a means to pair with smartphones and considered superior to other smart locks.

August Smart Lock

August smart lock is difficult to pick because it lacks keyway. You can install the August smart lock alongside other front door locks as it doesn’t replace your existing deadbolt. The lock is usually installed inside the house, making it quite discreet to intruders.

Schlage Sense

The Schlage Sense connects with other smart devices in your home with it’s Z-Wave.

remote control locks


Compatibility, it has an in-built alarm that alerts homeowners if there is a breach to the keyway – which is sent remotely through its smartphone pairing features.

Types of Smart Lock

Keypad smart lock. The keypad smart lock is easy to install and requires a specified pin or code to unlock your door.

Wireless smart lock. With the wireless smart lock option, you do not need to bother about losing your key or getting locked out.

Biometrics. Because no two people can have the same fingerprint, using the biometric smart lock is one guaranteed method of securing your home.

We provide you with professional advice on what smart lock to install; we also help you install, repair, or replace your smart lock. We offer the fastest response time in cases of emergency and available to handle your request any time of the day or at night.

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