Key Jam in Ignition? Call a Locksmith for Car Key Extraction Services

If your car key breaks in the ignition, what’s the first thing you’ll want to do? For most, you’ll initially try to pull the key out. Although this seems simple enough, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can cause more harm than good (to the ignition and your key). Instead, it’s best to call a car locksmith in North Carolina for professional car key extraction services.


car key extraction from ignition

Why Call a Locksmith?

A car locksmith has the proper equipment to remove the jammed key. They’ll utilize a car key extraction kit or other key extractor tool, which will allow them to easily access the broken key, and extract it from the ignition without causing damage. Professional locksmiths not only have the equipment, but knowledge to remove the key from the lock cylinder, without causing damage to the ignition.

Do I have to Replace the Ignition?

If you take the right first steps when your car key jams, the answer is likely going to be no. If, however, you choose to make a rash decision, and attempt to pull the key out yourself, you can cause further damage to the lock cylinder, and ultimately the ignition. If you use a professional car key extractor service provider to remove the jammed key, they’ll take the appropriate steps to remove the key safely and effectively.
In some cases, however, the depth at which the car key jams and breaks in the ignition cylinder, might require more than just extraction. A locksmith will determine the depth at which the key is jammed, to determine if the extractor tool can safely remove the key.

How Long Does it Take to Remove the Key?

The process of removing a jammed key from the ignition cylinder might sound far more complex than it really is. That is, of course, if you hire a professional locksmith for the job. Since they’re experienced in these services and have the knowledge to remove the key properly, they can typically finish the job within 20 to 30 minutes after they arrive to your vehicle.
In a jam? Need to have your car key removed from the ignition cylinder? Don’t attempt to pull the key out or try to push it in, as you’ll ultimately do more harm than good. Instead, contact a professional Charlotte, NC locksmith, who’s licensed to perform car key extraction, and other mobile locksmith services in the service area.
Don’t make a decision you’ll regret. Make the call when you’re in a jam and let a professional handle it instead.