Locksmith Security Tips – Stay Safe

Locksmiths are the masters of home security. They would teach you to take as many precautions as possible to beat the thieves and burglars. A typical criminal will spend only thirty seconds to break into your home. So give him some challenge and by following the simple locksmith security tips that can make your home safer and less appealing for the criminals to break into.
First of all, the most common yet the most neglected advice: don’t open your door to strangers. Fit a security chain and door viewer to take a look who is at the door before opening it to the guest.
Your keys should never be visible from the outside. For example, never leave the keys on the inside of window panes or door locks. The criminal can easily break the window and unlock the door. Keep all your keys in a secret place. Hiding your keys in the plants and mats should always be avoided and it is also not good to have your address and name on the key tag because if you ever lose them, they could easily fall into the wrong hands.
When you move into a new house, change all the locks immediately. The locks should be patented and drilling proof and have patented key control. Choose the lock that require your authorization to make duplicate keys. Always keep the windows located on the ground floor locked.

The main door should be equipped with multi-lever deadlocks and invest in steel and a solid wood door that can not be easily broken. Doors with the hinges on the inside are always more secure because they are difficult to remove this way.
Branches provide the best place to hide so remove all the branches and leaves close to your house. They could give burglar an easy way to the upper storey of your house. Keep your lawn well lighted and trim all the shrubs and trees. Plant thorny bushes on the corners of your house and near the windows.
One of the most important locksmith security tips is that if you are looking to hire a new locksmith, do proper research because most of the people out there are frauds who will charge you far more than expected. You should choose someone reliable, professional and experienced. So don’t ring up the first name you see on the search engine.

When a locksmith arrives, ask for his business and identification card. Take a look at the invoice and the side of his vehicle. A professional company will always have their logo on all the sides of their vehicles. One can easily get nervous and impatient in an emergency situations but learning how to find a professional take some time. So instead of waiting until emergency, do your research and find a reputable locksmith. Keep his email address and phone number at all places so that you are always ready for any situation.
Following these locksmith security tips are extremely important for your safety and well-being. So take your time, learn them by heart and follow them properly. It is always better to be prepared.