How to Open a Safe?

Safes are used on both commercial and residential settings, as they are some of the best solutions for securing different items of value. A reliable locksmith can be able to operate and open any type of lock, including the locks of safes. A wide range of items can be kept in a safe. Some safes are much more sophisticated than others, depending on the purpose that they serve. As a locksmith, you have to learn the basics first and this includes learning how to open a safe. You need the proper tools, the right skills and some patience. This is how you can do it:

Tools That You Need and Methods that Are Used for Opening Safes

You can crack a safe through different methods and two of the most popular among locksmiths are drilling and scoping. You will need a drill and a bore scope for this. The traditional alternative would be to listen to the lock as it turns through a stethoscope, while you try to manipulate it by hand. Another method is to cut or pry your way into the safe, but this is usually a last resort when nothing else works.

The Importance of Having Updated Tools

New tools for opening safes are released all the time on the market and it would be best for a locksmith to have the latest tools. Newer tools are updated to help locksmiths to obtain better results. These tools can make the work more efficient, safer and faster.

Drilling or Scoping a Safe to Open It

This method is very efficient. You have to drill a hole in the safe and the hole will allow you to see the locking mechanism from the inside. Now you can control it and open it. You have to be careful to drill in the right spot. Drilling on the top may be useless for some safe models. Knowing as many models and manufacturers as you can is very important.

Prying or Cutting a Safe

By prying or cutting the safe, you are actually forcing your way into it. Certain tools can help you to pry open the door. You can cut the safe with a saw or a laser. This method can be messy and can damage the safe permanently. For this reason, it should only be used when the drilling and scoping method doesn’t work.