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Windows xp professional startup disk free free


Heck, those older versions of Windows stepped you through a complicated procedure for creating a two-disk set that could help you cure whatever ailed Windows. Professiona back then, puhlenty ailed Windows. When Microsoft released Windows XP, there was no provision whatsoever for a boot disk.

Or words to that effect. There was a little check box in the disk formatting dialog box that claimed it would create a boot disk — but the generated floppy amounted to little more than a cruel joke.

Yes, it would boot your PC. Microsoft now allows you to download a six-disk collection that really does let you boot from your floppy drive — but only so you can install Windows XP from CD, nothing more. Every Windows user needs a way to get his machine running if the copy of Windows dism the hard подробнее на этой странице goes bananas.

If you prepare for the problem now, you can save yourself hours or days of hassle, down the road. This technique shows you how to make your machine start, no matter what ails Windows. If they tell you Microsoft is forcing them to refrain from distributing recovery CDs, laugh and take your business elsewhere.

Even if the company proffering all this nonsense goes by the name of HP. Make sure that you get your copy on a CD — one that you can hold onto and store away in case you ever need it. Contact the company and complain loudly.

More and more customers страница getting the CD they deserve — even after they pay for their PCs — but only if they bellyache enough. These maladies have statrup symptoms, but the most common occurs when you try to start your PC windows xp professional startup disk free free you get a text message, such as one of the following: Missing operating system.

Error loading operating system. Invalid partition table. NTLDR is windows xp professional startup disk free free. A disk read error occurred. NTLDR is compressed. The big advantage to a boot file windows xp professional startup disk free free disk: If it works, when you finally get your machine going again, everything should work just fine.

You have access to all your files on all your drives, all your hardware windows xp professional startup disk free free be chugging away, and you can scramble shartup madly backing up your files in anticipation of the possibility you have to replace your hard drive. The steps here create a floppy disk that will boot your PC, bypassing the key files on your hard drive. For instructions on performing a reinstallation, see www. To make a boot file bypass disk 7. Put a diskette in the floppy drive.

Everything on the disk will be overwritten. Type a volume label for the disk, if you wish, and then click Start. When the format is complete, click OK, and then click Close. Click OK. Right-click the Ntdetect. Look for a Bootsect. Close Windows Explorer. The disk you just created should be able windowa boot your PC, providing that the hard drive is working and only your MBR or the key files are clobbered.

They work only with the old-fashioned FAT32 hard drive format. Choose Start My Computer. Right-click the drive in windows xp professional startup disk free free and choose Properties. You see the drive type listed as the File System, as shown in the following figure. Put a disk in your floppy drive. You have to take each step, one at a time. Type djsk volume label for the boot disk, if you wish. If you know the disk is already formatted, check the Quick Format check box.

Click the Start button. Formatting a blank disk from scratch is painfully slow. When the formatting finishes, click OK. If the Quick Format check box is checked, uncheck it.

If you have ever used the Windows Me, 98, or earlier boot disks, you may be surprised — shocked — to see what Windows XP has put on this disk see Figure The autoexec. If you create a DOS boot disk using Windows XP, you need to put many more files on the disk before you can do much with it. Think of this disk читать статью a starting point, not a finished product.

Quite some time after Windows XP was originally released, Microsoft softened its approach to CD booting and released a set of six disks that allow you to start your computer from floppy disk so that you can then install Windows XP from CD. The last version of Windows with wiindows boot disks was Windows Me. When you run the downloaded program, windows xp professional startup disk free free have to provide six preformatted disks. When the disks are assembled, you stick disk number one in your floppy drive, restart your machine, keep feeding it diskettes, and ultimately you get to the Windows XP setup 2019 windows 7 free update, which requires you to insert the Windows installation CD in your CD drive.

At that frwe, you can install or reinstall Windows.


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