Lock cylinder replacement – Ways to change the lock cylinder

Lock cylinder replacement services helps in changing the key of the lock and are also well versed with various sort of tools and techniques that are available in this regard. When a new key is fabricated for a lock then only a few parts of the cylinder is changed whereas the rest of the lock remains almost same. Below we provide an overview of various locks and the ways to change them.

During the process of changing a lock one can replace the entire lock or can only change the cylinder. In fact there are three primary types of cylinder which includes rim cylinders, mortise cylinders and cylindrical lock or the tubular type of deadbolt cylinders.

Lock cylinder replacement are one of the most popular types of locks but consists of certain limitations too. One cannot depend entirely on this specific type of lock and needs to have an additional locking system in order to provide better protection and security to the apartments. Thus installing a deadbolt system above the same can provide absolute safety and security. There are great differences between the different types of cylindrical locks manufactured by the service providers in this regard and thus it is not recommended or workable to buy an additional cylinder in advance without having proper knowledge of the accurate type and model of the lock. In case one is not having the replacement or the additional cylinder then it is advisable to leave the space allocated for it. There are many manufactures which offers an excellent guide of installing the cylinders through various online sites.

The tubular deadbolt cylinders have similar appearance with that of the cylindrical lock cylinders. Furthermore they can be accessed more easily as compared to others. If the lock has a key on the outside surface area and a thumb turn on the inside then one can simply unscrew the item until the lock comes out from the door. Now if the lock has screws on both the directions that are inside as well as outside, then the screws that support the inside cylinder is generally concealed. The standard way by which they are concealed is by driving the screws over the covers. This means that the screw covers are tapped in to the surface with a hammer. The screw covers are sometimes very difficult to withdraw from the place as this activity always associates with some form of damage to the locks. Apart from this some of the deadbolts that are double keyed consists of a shutter that turns when the inside key is also made to turn. Now the turning of the key through a certain angle leads to the appearance of the holes which enables the lock to be removed from the particular place and thus the cylinder gets visible thoroughly. Similar to the cylindrical locks one can also one can also view the edge of the door where the bolt projects are located and find the name of the locks. Charlotte locksmith services provide a deep insight of the quality and the type of the locks which enable you to decide whether to change the entire lock or replace some parts of it. In addition to the above there are other systems which need deep exploration of the same.