why key fob is an important gadget for the car owners?

A key fob is a small size device capable of controlling various parts of your car with the main function being the management of the remote entry system which is installed in a car. These devices come in different sizes and shapes. Apart from the main function of locking and unlocking the door, some key fobs can also be used for:
key fob - car locksmith
1. Remote starting the vehicle’s ignition.

2. Arm/disarm vehicle’s security system

3. Activation of the panic alarm

4. Control automatic windows

5. Popping the trunk latch

This device is an important part of the keyless entry system where locking and unlocking of the car are done by pushing a button.
Some cars come equipped with the keyless entry system designed by the manufacturer others don’t. This device can be purchased from the car dealers, automotive locksmith or car accessory shops.


These keyless lock controllers help in making life easy and can also improve the safety of your car. Some of the benefits include:

1. Convenience

Some of the key fobs are able to unlock the door when a person is in close proximity to the car. This is very convenient if a person was carrying a handful of things e.g groceries, a child, bags. You don’t have to dig through your purse looking for the key. With remote entry, drivers have immediate access to their cars.

2. Safety

Most key fobs have panic button feature for personal safety. When there is a danger, the button can be pressed triggering alarm and horn scaring away the threat. This can be of great help during car jacking or assault the noise and sound triggered is likely to catch the attention of the people who might offer help. The use of remote can also help in the faster locking or unlocking the car when in danger because it is faster compared to the use of the key.

3. Customizable option.

After installing the keyless entry system, the consumers have a wide range of features to choose for their key fobs. Some of these remotes have the vehicle monitoring capability. Drivers are able to customize the key fob to their desired requirement.


These accessories are designed to lock and unlock only the car they are synchronized with. This makes other drivers not to be able to lock or unlock other people’s cars accidentally. With the technology used, it is almost impossible that would-be car thief can break into your car.


If the keyless remote is lost or broken, you can get a compatible replacement. This replacement must be programmed for use with the specific car. This service is rendered by a number of auto accessory dealers.

In conclusion, key fobs are an integral part of the security of your car in the modern era. The benefits are immense to the car owner. To use this device, a car must have a remote entry system. Any car with power lock should have a keyless entry system installed.

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