Ignition Cylinder Replacement

The ignition cylinder replacement of modern cars are intrinsically low maintenance. It is wise to check out during servicing extra attention to it. Especially in the wet climate of our little country. Moisture, salt, and dirt have free reign, and that may adversely affect high-voltage live parts. It can lead to a reduced ignition power or even a folding bike on. Other effects include a higher fuel consumption, increased emissions, malfunction of the catalytic converter and lambda probe, or in extreme cases, even engine damage. Inspect the maintenance is included the ignition module, ignition coil, the distributor cap, rotor and distributor of all electrical connections of mechanical damage, leakage current traces, and oxidation. It’s also a good opportunity for the conductivity of the spark plug wires to check.

Ignition Coils
An extremely important part of the ignition cylinder replacement is the ignition coil or coil. Although the ignition coil has gone through evolution, is the working principle of this inflammatory component almost unchanged. An ignitionIgnition Coil of mazda coil works on the induction principle and provides the necessary spark energy to the electrode of the spark plug. Modern ignition coils have a core of different metals and a plastic housing. To better insulation of the windings, the house dipped in epoxy resin. In an ignition coil, the battery voltage, typically 12 volts, through a network of power circles, and a magnetic field converted to a voltage of 15,000 to 30,000 volts. The coil provides the spark plug leads directly or through a high power and spark a long ontstekingsvonk. Op this way a reliable, optimal combustion of the air / fuel mixture is assured regardless of the operating mode of the engine.

Looking at the different types of ignition systems and ignition coils look, there are three distinct generations. The first generation consists of a central (asphalt) coil and a distributor and a set of spark plug wires. This so-called rotary power distribution system is divided into a contact controlled segment, such as the VW Golf I was deployed, and a non-contact segment through an inductive or Hall sensor and an ignition module (Transistor amplifier). This power distribution system is used for example in the Gulf II and III. The second generation coils are the so-called twee von ken-bones electronic ignition, also called DIS ignition coils, and a set of spark plug wires.

Among this second generation can include the meervonksbobines (all cylinders) of the VW Polo 1.4 MPI, 2.0 16V Opel Astra and Fiat Bravo 1.4 12V. Other examples are the tweevonkenbobines by two cylinders of the Mercedes C180 and Audi A4 1.8 or tweevonkenbobines each cylinder of the Alfa Romeo Twin Spark motor.Dude generation The third and last generation coils are characterized by a direct ignition with a coil per cylinder. These are called eenvonksbobines or sta Afb bines.

These include some sta Afb bines found in the VW Polo 1.4 FSI, Toyota Yaris and Renault Megane 1.0 1.6 and 1.8. Complete ignition modules, a set of four separate sta Afb lines, for example, found in the Opel Corsa C 1.2 16V. What a major difference of this third-generation coils with its predecessors is that there is no longer made of spark plug wires. One consequence is that long-term demand for spark plug wires will shrink. Quality products Quality products at a replacement ignition coil for many reasons it is wise to ensure quality products such as Bosch kaizen.

Alle leading car manufacturers rely on Bosch for over one hundred years of experience and expertise in the field of ignition systems. Bosch has been in the leadership over the years expanded and currently produces over 70 percent of the European fleet a suitable ignition coil. Modern coils, which are also available for the aftermarket, combining the advantages of light weight and small size with a high electrical breakdown resistance, high-temperature resistance, and high vibration resistance. The MSD Ignition, MSD Coils, MSD Distributors guarantee proper ignition voltage, long life, and better engine performance. This is coupled with low fuel consumption and lower emissions.

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