How to open a locked car door? Call car locksmith

There are few things that can leave you with a sense of frustration, annoyance and anger at yourself than losing your keys or closing and locking a door, leaving your keys trapped inside. Ever stood outside your car, looked through the car window and seen your keys and wondered how to open a locked car door? There is always the one relief of course, that at least your keys haven’t been stolen.

There are numerous self-help videos and blogs on how to open a locked car door, but really, it’s never as easy as they make it look and you’ve just been shopping, returned to your car to find your keys inside, do you really have a wired coat hanger on you? A screwdriver? A steel rod? Another problem of course with all these methods is that they really only work on the older style of cars, which don’t have car alarms and which have an easy to reach pullable knob or an inside simple locking mechanism. Then, of course, there is the possible damage some of these methods can do to your car, damaging the window seal or the door. Not to mention of course the amount of time it can take, which in all likelihood would be much longer than waiting for a locksmith to arrive.

Although, since most modern cars operate on a remote locking fob it is quite likely that if your keys are locked inside the car these days, your car is an older model so if you happen to have a coat-hanger or more likely a shoelace, lots of time to practice and don’t mind the risk of damage to the car, then you might manage to open that locked car door without keys.

What happens though if you have a newer style of car? Or if you’ve simply lost or had your keys stolen? You may be able to open a locked car door but how would you start the engine or use the car? Quite simply you call for a registered car locksmith.

A car locksmith is trained on how to open a locked car door without keys. They have the correct tools on them to do it quickly and smoothly without damage to your car. Even better, if your keys are stolen or lost they can arrange new keys. For newer models of cars, a trained locksmith can even wipe the memory on the car for existing keys which of course means that the chances of a thief driving around in your car with your stolen keys are minimized. Can you do all of that with a wire coat hanger or a shoe lace? A trained locksmith can even help you if you have a damaged or broken transponder key, which contain two small microchips that if damaged or lost will prevent your key from working. There is always the alternative of returning the car to the garage you bought it from but that would incur the extra costs of towing and a longer waiting time for new keys to be arranged. A registered car Locksmith in Charlotte NC will come to you.