Honda Civic wins 2016 car of the year award

Honda Civic has been named as car of the year 2016. car of the year award 2016Getting the top spot in Northern America car Magazines awards, Honda civic has come a long way to regain its rightful place after not impressing back at the start of 2011. With the debut of the Honda Civic back in 2011, critics were quick to dismiss both the design and performance. The result was with the poor recommendation it received not many were bought even as prices fell, thus many never had a chance to see the insides of a locksmith. Worse still is the fact that being rated poorly, it was the first time that a Civic missed the Magazines sought-after seal of approval.

Looking through 2012 the civic generation car remake, there were a number of tremendous improvements to get a better review from consumers. In this case most consumers were quick to get the model, although not many had forgotten the disaster of 2011. However with an expected redesign in expected in 2016, Honda civic was shunned by many consumers in 2015. This led not only to a significant fall out in price, but with brand names Hyundai Elantra and Toyota Corolla releasing their models into the market, reception of the Honda Civic was affected even further. Still this was temporary as a shift has been felt with the release of the redesigned Honda Civic, which led to the Honda Civic car of the year award.

Boosting a much sportier design, the redesigned Honda Civic upper models offer innovative and fresh turbocharged engines. With this Honda has broken its record by releasing the first performance car, in a line of what was considered non-performance cars. However looking at the lower costs version of the car, it comes with a standard 2.0 liter four cylinder engine with a 158hp. Comparing it to the turbocharged version, its engine horsepower is 174 less. However taking a step to further compare it to competitors models like the Toyota corolla and the Hyundai Elantra, its significantly more powerful making it worth the Honda Civic car of the year award.

Still looking at the redesign exterior of the Honda Civic, it’s clear that a major part of it winning the coveted Honda Civic car of the year award lies there. However down in the performance and the interior design and even the safety measures, the car is worth the purchase. With better safety measures put in place to make it one of a kind, consumers will be comfortable driving around, as cases of breaking into the car are reduced significantly. Still in the event there is a misplacement of key, only professional locksmiths can handle the model.

Another notable mention in the North American Magazines awards was the Volvo XC90. With the Honda Civic clinching Honda Civic car of the year award, Volvo XC90 got top spot in truck of the year. Manufactured by an all Chinese company, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group which purchased Volvo from Ford back in 2009, the car engine is both supercharged and turbocharged. With a 316 horsepower, the three –row crossover, 2.0 liter four cylinder engines is no doubt small but powerful. However the best part is that the engine size has been manufactured to produce changeable amounts of power, thus can be used in a number of vehicles.

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