Emergency Locksmith Assistance

Keys become such a matter of routine you barely consider them as you go about your day. Everyone has one of those days, however, when the concentration slips and you find yourself with a problem. You are outside. The door is locked. The keys are inside. This is the time when you know you need an emergency locksmith, but what about after a break-in? Understanding how locks can get damaged by an intruder can help in preventing another incident when your home, and privacy is invaded.

The Damage a Theft Can Cause

Often after a home break-in the police will inform a homeowner that the door lock was damaged due to the method of entry the thief used. Law enforcement will also typically inform residents that once a break in occurs thieves are likely to return. This is the reason it’s time to call for emergency locksmith assistance. The methods a thief will use outside of physical force on a door are burglar tools that can damage the locking mechanism. Other techniques include using a key that is much like your own door key, and utilizing this with a little expert pressure to guide the lock open is a trick the thief will use again. Calling as soon as possible for a lock change is the best solution. Thieves return later hoping to find the same lock, and the same ease of entry a second or even a third time. A new, more resistant lock can act as a deterrent.

Don’t Accidentally Help Thieves

Once you have a new lock avoid helping burglars out, by maintaining safety around the home. Lock doors, and windows before leaving. As tempting as it is to leave a spare key in a special hideaway just in case you get locked out, don’t do it. Enterprising thieves will check everywhere, and no matter how clever a hiding spot you find is, they will locate it. Never leave a spare set of keys in your vehicle. If the car is broken into the criminals now have access to your home as well.

Preventing Theft

Keeping track of keys is critical to your security. If you realize that a set of keys is missing consider this an emergency, and call for a locksmith as soon as possible. It’s better to have a new set of keys made than living with the risk of a thief having access to your home.

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