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Window Locks

types of Window Locks A very grave concern for home owners nowadays is ensuring safety of the house with the help of effective window locks and other security systems. Because of their rising popularity, more and more designs, styles and patterns have emerged catering to different price lines. Since you get so many options to ... More

Vital Tips on How to Prolong the Life of a Door Lock

Locks have been used to secure houses and business establishments for years. Unlike most other mechanical objects, they are hugely neglected, sometimes until they completely fail. The lock’s tear and wear might take a few months to several years before they completely breakdown. However if proper care is taken by duly ... More

Locksmith Tools

Locksmith has undergone great revolution. From the traditional kind, the procedure now involves combination of different skills such as lock picking, carpentry, metal working and other related services. Them locksmith developed into a profession. The mediocre tools used years back were discarded and replaced with the high ... More

how to become a Locksmith

All about how to become a Locksmith There are many alternatives accessible to you, with manual locks and new electrical locking frameworks out there. With these available at retail for the steadily creating security aware purchaser, it also means that there is a greater mix of work for the average locksmith. Demand for ... More

Client Testimonials

Here are some of our satisfied customers: ***"best car locksmith ever ! They just take care of my problem in no time !"   ***"This company provides good quality business! they came out and installed a key at my location. They were very professional and polite. I was satisfied with conducting business with ... More

3 Top Benefits of Rekeying Locks

Rekeying locks is one of the most effective ways to secure your new home. During the rekeying process, the order of the internal pins in the lock is gets changed. This means that you will be able to use the same locks, but you need new keys. This is a great alternative to changing locks and it is also cost effective. It is ... More

Emergency Locksmith Assistance

Keys become such a matter of routine you barely consider them as you go about your day. Everyone has one of those days, however, when the concentration slips and you find yourself with a problem. You are outside. The door is locked. The keys are inside. This is the time when you know you need an emergency locksmith, but what ... More

High security locks Charlotte NC

Experienced and licensed locksmith team Most commonly locksmiths are required when someone when someone has been locked out of their residence or vehicle. Before calling the top most locksmiths listed in the yellow pages or online, it is most essential to take care of few things. There has been increasing number of fraud ... More

Here are some of our customers we service

 Shiheem White Great service! He came out fix my ignition switch in no time! Told me if I any problems don't hesitate to call him! A real ,an of his word!   Mariela togender Profetional locksmith service I have never saw befor … I realy recommended!!!   Tyler owner Came the same day & took them no ... More